Encounters with Heaven

At the end of last year whilst brainstorming with our Leaders and Prophetic Team during our end of year Strat-meeting we felt a strong unction in our hearts to create Worship-ENCOUNTERS in 2017.

To deliberately create spaces and places where our congregation could encounter the Presence of God in a welcoming and safe environment.  And linger there.

So at the beginning of April we did just that! We called our people to Worship and our worship team set up a worship night minus the frills,  minus the fuss, minus the agenda and even the projector screen. We would soak. We would lie down. We would wait and we would allow God to have fellowship with us.

Encounters with Heaven-The Worship Team during Soaking
The Worship Team during Soaking

And He did. in the most profound way. People received healing and deliverance from past hurts, even hearing from God in new and tangible ways.

Encounters with Heaven - Jeremiah 31:25
Jeremiah 31:25